Pharo is moving to GtK3 (finally)

Today seems to be my Smalltalk-news-blogging-day 😉 It started off with an announcement from Instantiations about plans for the next release. Just a few minutes ago Esteban Lorenzano announced on the Pharo Mailing List that Pharo 8 will be based on Spec 2.0, a new version of the still quite young GUI framework in Pharo. … Continue reading Pharo is moving to GtK3 (finally)

VASTGoodies just turned 10

As Adriaan just announced on his blog, was launched the 27th of January, 10 years ago now. But not only that, just a few days before that milestone, another milestone was reached: the 1000th upload! The introduction of VASTGoodies was a much-needed and welcomed addition to the Smalltalk universe. Back in the 2000's the … Continue reading VASTGoodies just turned 10

NeoCSV for VA Smalltalk

There are tasks that a developer has to perform over and over again. Whenever you need this particular thing done, you usually just hammer down some code to get the particular task at hand done. So over the years you end up with two or three or even a few hands full of implementations that … Continue reading NeoCSV for VA Smalltalk

Pharo 2.0 ist offiziell verfĂŒgbar

Das Pharo-Projekt, das einst mit dem simplen Anspruch startete, die beste Smalltalk-Umgebung zu entwickeln und als open-source kostenfrei zur VerfĂŒgung zu stellen, hat auf diesem Weg einen neuen Pflock eingeschlagen. Die Version 2.0 wurde gestern freigegeben. Es wurde viel aufgerĂ€umt, vereinheitlicht und verbessert, aber vor allem wurden weit ĂŒber 1000 Bugs gefixt: We are proud … Continue reading Pharo 2.0 ist offiziell verfĂŒgbar

Smalltalk Inspect interviews Stéphane Ducasse on Pharo

We've got another sweet episode of Smalltalk inspect over on our podcast page. To start 2013 off we chose to talk to StĂ©phane Ducasse about Pharo Smalltalk and its almost finished 2.0 release as well as the newly formed Pharo Consortium and Pharo Association, two organizations with one simple goal: accelerate and stabilize Pharo's progress. … Continue reading Smalltalk Inspect interviews StĂ©phane Ducasse on Pharo

The Pharo Consortium becomes real

StĂ©phane Ducasse just announced on the Pharo Smalltalk Users mailing list that the paperwork for joining the Pharo consortium as a business is done. The goal of the consortium is to help finance the development of Pharo by paying at least one full-time engineer and build up (well, in fact there already is a really … Continue reading The Pharo Consortium becomes real

Pharo, Squeak and GNU: Smalltalk runs on Android devices

I've mentioned Stefan Krecher's work on GNU Smalltalk integration for Android a few weeks ago and somehow forgot to mention that it's not the only Smalltalk environment that runs on this nice mobile operating system. Just yesterday, I read on The Weekly Squeak that a new version of the Cog VM for Android has been … Continue reading Pharo, Squeak and GNU: Smalltalk runs on Android devices

Application for GSoC is done!

So carla and Janko have just finished all that's necessary to apply as a mentor organization for this year's Google Summer of Code. As Janko states on the Squeak-dev mailing list: I think we have quite some chance, specially because we collected and very well described 22 project ideas: There is still a time for ideas, … Continue reading Application for GSoC is done!

Register or Submit talks for the Pharo Business Conference in May 2012

Stephane just announced that registration as well as providing talks is open now. The Pharo core team organises a Pharo Conference hosted at INRIA Lille Nord Europe located at Villeneuve D'ascq (close to Lille). Pharo is an open-source Smalltalk The goals of the conference is to bring companies, developers and users together. You are … Continue reading Register or Submit talks for the Pharo Business Conference in May 2012