Pharo, Squeak and GNU: Smalltalk runs on Android devices

I’ve mentioned Stefan Krecher’s work on GNU Smalltalk integration for Android a few weeks ago and somehow forgot to mention that it’s not the only Smalltalk environment that runs on this nice mobile operating system.

Just yesterday, I read on The Weekly Squeak that a new version of the Cog VM for Android has been announced together with a corresponding Pharo Image. The VM, however, can run Squeak Images as well. There’s quite some information on how to install and run the VM, the corresponding Pharo Image and known limitations and stuff available.

So it seems at least for Smalltalk, the openness of Android is excellent news. Even though there is some sort of VM and image support for iOS for Squeak and Pharo, it’s somewhat hard to find and even harder to get installed on users’ devices. I hope to find the time to get my fingers at either Pharo or Gnu ST on Android soon.