Grease Extensions for VA Smalltalk

If you've ever tried to use open source code from Squeak or Pharo on VA Smalltalk, you had a few obstacles to take: How do I load Monticello Packages into my envy library? Many moons ago, you had to use FileIn/FileOut and some manual editing of the fileout to make it loadable. Sometimes, I just… Continue reading Grease Extensions for VA Smalltalk

Twitter Bootstrap for Seaside ported to VA Smalltalk

I just uploaded a port of Torsten Bergmann's Twitter Bootstrap code for Seaside to Our kontolino! web platform is currently being worked on design-wise. Over time we found out the hard way that keeping up with how people think a web application should look and feel, and making cool things workable across multiple mainstream… Continue reading Twitter Bootstrap for Seaside ported to VA Smalltalk

STON for VAST on VASTGoodies

I've just uploaded a port of STON, the Smalltalk Object Notation for VA Smalltalk to the repository. STON is a project that was implemented by Sven van Caekenberghe on Pharo Smalltalk and it is a slightly extended version of JSON (Javascript Object Notation) to persist Smalltalk objects in a human and machine readable form.… Continue reading STON for VAST on VASTGoodies

Seaside 3.0.7 (partially) and jQueryMobile 1.1.1 ported to VA Smalltalk

Marten's been busy over the last few days and just released a new version of a partial Seaside 3.0.7 port (Instantiations ships VA 8.5.2 with Seaside 3.0.6), which he needed for the latest bels and whistles of Nick Ager's Seaside integration for jQueryMobile V 1.1.1, which he also ported and released on VASTGoodies. From the… Continue reading Seaside 3.0.7 (partially) and jQueryMobile 1.1.1 ported to VA Smalltalk

VA Smalltalk 8.5.2

Instantiations has just released VA Smalltalk Version 8.5.2. As the version number indicates, this is more or less a maintenanc release with a number of bug fixes and enhancements. But there are also new features in this version, the most important from my perspective are: Code Assistance now available in Inspectors: The addition of Code… Continue reading VA Smalltalk 8.5.2

MiniSMock is just learning a few new tricks

MiniSMock is my minimalistic approach to Mock objects, which can be extremely helpful in testing legacy code as well as code that has a lot of dependencies and is hard to set up. I wanted something that is extremely lightweight and fits well with SUnit, witout any complex setup rules or other hassle. There are… Continue reading MiniSMock is just learning a few new tricks

Download-Statistik des Smalltalk Inspect Podcast

Marten hat auf seinem Blog die Downloadzahlen unserer immerhin schon 14 Folgen des Smalltalk Inspect Podcasts veröffentlicht: Datum Hörer # Titel 17.02.11 0189 001 "Einführung" 13.03.11 0120 002 VASmalltalk - Teil 01 GUI 20.03.11 0116 003 VASmalltalk - Teil 02 ENVY 17.04.11 0096 004 VASmalltalk - Teil 03 24.04.11 0097 005 Smalltalk Solutions, 01 01.05.11… Continue reading Download-Statistik des Smalltalk Inspect Podcast