Die Interaktivität der Smalltalk-Entwicklung im Video

Erst gestern schrieb ich im Zusammenhang mit dem Google Summer Of Code und der Programmiersprache Smalltalk: Smalltalk macht enormen Spass. Die sehr dynamische Umgebung ist sehr motivierend, weil man nicht toten Quelltext pflegt, sondern sich stets direkt im lauffähigen Objektsystem aufhält. Man muss es ausprobiert haben, um das zu verstehen… und just einen Tag später… Continue reading Die Interaktivität der Smalltalk-Entwicklung im Video

Video series on VA Smalltalk’s process management

Marten just announced a new series of Screencasts/presentations covering the Smalltalk process model (green threads) and its implementation and use in VA Smalltalk. The first video is about 8 minutes long and is available on YouTube. After a short introduction to the green thread model of Smalltalk, Marten demoes the instantiation of processes, how to… Continue reading Video series on VA Smalltalk’s process management

Do agile methods help improve software? It seems they often don’t

Just the other day I was asked what I think about Agile Methods during a coffee break on our Refactoring / Unit Testing Workshop. My very first reaction was: I think it's a become money machine. The reaction was somewhat puzzled. Then I went on to explain that the ideas of getting rid of a… Continue reading Do agile methods help improve software? It seems they often don’t

sUnit and should:/shouldnt: vs. assert:/deny:

[Update]Be sure to read the comments if you're interested in the topic. There's a lot of interesting info to find there[/Update] Last month I've given a fast-start Smalltalk training session to a new team member at a Customer's project and since that person was an experienced developer we not only covered Smalltalk basics but also… Continue reading sUnit and should:/shouldnt: vs. assert:/deny:

Slides of “Deep Into Smalltalk” Workshop are online

This week there is a workshop called "Deep Into Smalltalk" being held in Lille, France. It covers very technical topics related to the VM and code optimization. Over on the Pharo Mailing List, I just learned they've put the slides of day 1 online: Hi, Igors slides are now available: FFI: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2753738/About%20FFI.key.pdf JourneyInTheVM: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2753738/JourneyInTheVM.key.pdf And… Continue reading Slides of “Deep Into Smalltalk” Workshop are online

Build automation is social engineering

James comes up with an interesting observation: It's one thing to come up with a few simple tools to automate a build [...] The harder problem is fitting the technical siolution into the process that your project has evolved. I've been in that boat a few times (You can have a look at a talk… Continue reading Build automation is social engineering

Forrester Research: Java Is A Dead-End For Enterprise App Development

It's not really new to anybody in the IT industry: trends need to come and make big bucks and they also need to go and free the stage for new ones, so that even more bucks can be made. Analysts do play their role in making a trend come or go. This time, they are… Continue reading Forrester Research: Java Is A Dead-End For Enterprise App Development

Agile Certification to the rescue

Sebastian Kübeck sums up very nicely what I've been thinking about certifications in the agile methodolgy field for a while: It's a way of making lots of money out of a very short and precise set of ideas. Not that I have any problems with people having a business model that seems to be based… Continue reading Agile Certification to the rescue

VFE 2010: Slides of My Talk: Get (Your Project) Back to Shape

If you've missed the VA Smalltalk Forum Europe 2010 in Stuttgart last week, there is at least a chance to take a look at the presentation slides. While we're still working on an "official" central version location for all the material, I've put up some files to our company website, where you can look at… Continue reading VFE 2010: Slides of My Talk: Get (Your Project) Back to Shape