Smalltalk Inspect interviews tim Rowledge about Squeak and the Raspberry Pi (and lots more)

Smalltalk Inspect is alive and kicking, we just took a creative break for the new year... But to finally kick off 2013, we want to start a little firework: a 2 hour interview with tim Rowledge about lots of interesting things around Smalltalk in the past, present and future. The highlight and climax here sure… Continue reading Smalltalk Inspect interviews tim Rowledge about Squeak and the Raspberry Pi (and lots more)

Die European Smalltalk User’s Group ist Mentoring Organization für Googles Summer Of Code 2013

Auch dieses Jahr hat Google die ESUG (European Smalltalk User's Group) als Mentoring Organization für die Teilnahme am Summer Of Code ausgewählt. Das sind für die Smalltalk-Welt sehr gute Nachrichten. Was ist der Google Summer Of Code? Die Kurzform: Google bezahlt einen oder mehrere Studenten dafür, dass sie diesen Sommer an einem open source -… Continue reading Die European Smalltalk User’s Group ist Mentoring Organization für Googles Summer Of Code 2013

Pharo 2.0 ist offiziell verfügbar

Das Pharo-Projekt, das einst mit dem simplen Anspruch startete, die beste Smalltalk-Umgebung zu entwickeln und als open-source kostenfrei zur Verfügung zu stellen, hat auf diesem Weg einen neuen Pflock eingeschlagen. Die Version 2.0 wurde gestern freigegeben. Es wurde viel aufgeräumt, vereinheitlicht und verbessert, aber vor allem wurden weit über 1000 Bugs gefixt: We are proud… Continue reading Pharo 2.0 ist offiziell verfügbar

Are we Smalltalkers missing the mobile trend?

This might be an interesting detail for all people involved in Smalltalk environments that run on Android and/or iOS. Among the top 10 search terms used in 2012 to find  my blog there were "smalltalk android" and "smalltalk ipad". And in fact, almost every day I check my blog statistics, and these terms or variations… Continue reading Are we Smalltalkers missing the mobile trend?

STON for VAST on VASTGoodies

I've just uploaded a port of STON, the Smalltalk Object Notation for VA Smalltalk to the repository. STON is a project that was implemented by Sven van Caekenberghe on Pharo Smalltalk and it is a slightly extended version of JSON (Javascript Object Notation) to persist Smalltalk objects in a human and machine readable form.… Continue reading STON for VAST on VASTGoodies

Web sockets are coming to Smalltalk

The web is more and more becoming the fat client of tomorrow. Not that it offers much more than what we've had fifteen years agod, but at least it is finally promising to become the one-platform-for-everything that Java never proved to be. Nevertheless, web sockets promise to offer a new level of interactivity between browser-side… Continue reading Web sockets are coming to Smalltalk

Pharo, Squeak and GNU: Smalltalk runs on Android devices

I've mentioned Stefan Krecher's work on GNU Smalltalk integration for Android a few weeks ago and somehow forgot to mention that it's not the only Smalltalk environment that runs on this nice mobile operating system. Just yesterday, I read on The Weekly Squeak that a new version of the Cog VM for Android has been… Continue reading Pharo, Squeak and GNU: Smalltalk runs on Android devices

Smalltalk Inspect 18: Smalltalking hardware

We've just released episode 18 of Smalltalk Inspect. It is once again an english-spoken episode and this time we interviewed Jecel Assumpcao Jr. about the SiliconSqueak Project. SiliconSqueak is a project aimed at building a mini-computer (think Raspberry Pi) that natively runs Smalltalk Bytecodes on multiple cores in parallel. I am not a hardware guy,… Continue reading Smalltalk Inspect 18: Smalltalking hardware

Smalltalk Inspect 17: Igor Stasenko on FFI, Alien and NativeBoost

We've just released Episode 17 of our Smalltalk Inspect Podcast. It's an interview with Igor Stasenko about calling code outside the Smalltalk VM. We cover Primitives, the Foreign Function Interface, Alien and NativeBoost, Igor's latest pet project (or one of them). So if you ever wondered how the FFI, Alien and the Gog VM relate… Continue reading Smalltalk Inspect 17: Igor Stasenko on FFI, Alien and NativeBoost