Seaside Learnings, pt. 123

Note to self: never, never ever try to use show:onAnswer: or answer: in an Ajax callback. In your delegating WATask or  WAComponent you will see the callback code run as if all was good, just the new components won't show up in th browser. This will take a long time to debug and you won't … Continue reading Seaside Learnings, pt. 123


Expressions you’d probably never type

... and yet they give the expected result. I just tried this one, assuming it's probably worth a try, but it will most likely not work: String with: Character cr with: Character lf. Not that this is interesting or such. I was just surprised you can use with:with: to create Strings. Go back to work, … Continue reading Expressions you’d probably never type

How the latest Glorp eats passwords ;-)

I am playing with VAST 8.6 and its latest Glorp port on VA Smalltalk. So far, I like what I see, even if Glorp still has glitches that I am currently working on with the Instantiations Support team. One thing that made me scratch my head was my unability to login to a database more … Continue reading How the latest Glorp eats passwords 😉