That’s how far we’ve come with Java and Eclipse

A few days ago I installed the latest version of IBM's DataStudio, a nice tool for administering DB2 databases. It really is of great help with a lot of DB administration jobs, especially if you're not a really exerienced DBA. The download package is somewhat above 200 MB big, because it includes eclipse. But that's… Continue reading That’s how far we’ve come with Java and Eclipse

Are we Smalltalkers missing the mobile trend?

This might be an interesting detail for all people involved in Smalltalk environments that run on Android and/or iOS. Among the top 10 search terms used in 2012 to find  my blog there were "smalltalk android" and "smalltalk ipad". And in fact, almost every day I check my blog statistics, and these terms or variations… Continue reading Are we Smalltalkers missing the mobile trend?

Schauderhaft: Don’t Rewrite Your Application

I'm probably the last to find this excellent piece on Jens Schauder's Blog called Don't Rewrite Your Application. It's not only worth reading, but also thinking about it and memroizing it. There's almost never a really good reason to rewrite a reasonably-sized business application. The effect will very often be a the loss of a… Continue reading Schauderhaft: Don’t Rewrite Your Application

Sebastian Kübeck on Checking Runtime Dependencies

In his blog post "Dependency Management Beyond Language Boundaries" Sebastian Kübeck describes a problem that is not unique to Java projects, but has had its peeks in it because Java has the privilege of being "mainstream" and thus the testbed for all kinds of "new ideas" to heal the world. I like his introductory sentence… Continue reading Sebastian Kübeck on Checking Runtime Dependencies

What sUnit could learn from jUnit [UPDATE]

The complete family of xxxUnit testing frameworks have their roots in Kent Beck's sUnit testing Framework for Smalltalk. While jUnit (the Java flavor) and sUnit were very similar for a long time, jUnit "lately" added a lot of stuff that is helpful in Java, but quite useless in Smalltalk (like Java Annotations), mostly with jUnit… Continue reading What sUnit could learn from jUnit [UPDATE]

Forrester Research: Java Is A Dead-End For Enterprise App Development

It's not really new to anybody in the IT industry: trends need to come and make big bucks and they also need to go and free the stage for new ones, so that even more bucks can be made. Analysts do play their role in making a trend come or go. This time, they are… Continue reading Forrester Research: Java Is A Dead-End For Enterprise App Development

Java on the Mac: no need to worry

A few days ago, Apple revealed their plan to give up providing Java Runtime versions for Mac OS X. There was quite some speculation if this means Apple plans to diss Java similarly to Flash. But obviuosly, they really just said: we're not investing anything any more, but we welcome Oracle to do that for… Continue reading Java on the Mac: no need to worry

We knew it all the time: Web Services won’t heal the world!

I never really liked the big Web Services. All the XML-burdened complexity combined with lots of tools from the big vendors that had extremely long names and the purpose of which could never be understood unless you already were lost somewhere in the mud of XML-tides. When I read today that the WS-I initiative officially… Continue reading We knew it all the time: Web Services won’t heal the world!

How closed will the Mac universe be in, say, 5 years?

I love using my Mac. I like my iPhone. The new Air is really an interesting piece of hardware. Part of the reason I like my Apple products is that they run quite stable and offer a pleasant overall experience with installing/uninstalling applications. I also like the fact that I can use my Linux/Unix shell… Continue reading How closed will the Mac universe be in, say, 5 years?

Is Apple hinting at Java’s exit from Mac OS X?

Back in 2006 when I made the move to a Mac, Apple had put a lot of effort into making Java/Swing Applications feel like native on Mac OS. Adopting Java and integrating it well with MacOS was key to attract new users to the Mac. But Apple today is self-confident enough to declare mainstream technologies… Continue reading Is Apple hinting at Java’s exit from Mac OS X?