Are we Smalltalkers missing the mobile trend?

This might be an interesting detail for all people involved in Smalltalk environments that run on Android and/or iOS. Among the top 10 search terms used in 2012 to find  my blog there were "smalltalk android" and "smalltalk ipad". And in fact, almost every day I check my blog statistics, and these terms or variations… Continue reading Are we Smalltalkers missing the mobile trend?

So Apple reinvented Squeak and Sophie…or Not?

Apple once again proves that it doesn't really need new ideas, technologies or such to come up with a commercially successful product. Isn't the whole point of their latest Announcement of iBooks 2 and iBooks author and iTunes U exactly what Alan Kay has been talking about for, well, decades? iBooks will have a lot… Continue reading So Apple reinvented Squeak and Sophie…or Not?

Bob Nemec on Seaside for iOS devices

Over on his blog "Digging in the dirt", Bob shares some insight into his appraoch to adapt an existing Smalltalk/Seaside based portal to teh iPad. For a customer demo, he needed to show an iPad version of the application and so he used some javascript and CSS tricks to optimize the app. You can read… Continue reading Bob Nemec on Seaside for iOS devices

My WWDC highlight: iOS5 will have Garbage Collection

[Update:] I may be wrong on this one: the WWDC Keynote slide I'm talking about mentions 'Automatic Reference Counting', which technically is not the same as Garbage Collection, but nevertheless takes away the burden and responsibility of manual memory management from the developer. So the hooray is still valid, even if the technical implementation may… Continue reading My WWDC highlight: iOS5 will have Garbage Collection

Apple releases Xcode 4

Today Apple released XCode 4, their latest development environment for MacOS and iOS. Having worked with XCode for a while and skimming through the list of improvements and new features in Xcode 4 it seems like this new version is another big step forward and makes development an even much nicer experience than before. I… Continue reading Apple releases Xcode 4

Smalltalk on iOS – again an option?

It seems like the growing demand in Android gadgets and the noise of App developers have finally made Apple rethink their rules (Press Release): In particular, we are relaxing all restrictions on the development tools used to create iOS apps, as long as the resulting apps do not download any code. This should give developers… Continue reading Smalltalk on iOS – again an option?