Esteban’s Mars Project is alive

At last year's ESUG conference, Esteban Lorenzano showed his progress on Mars, a framwork to implement native Cocoa interfaces in Pharo Smalltalk. His goal was and is to provide a way to build native Cocoa Apps without the need to build parts in Interface Builder and load NIBs etc. And I was very impressed by… Continue reading Esteban’s Mars Project is alive

Objective-C 2, Xcode 4, LLVM, what’s next?

Objective-C and Cocoa are a nice environment to work in. The nicety of Cocoa comes from the fact that it is an object runtime system rather than a bunch of objects compiled into a running program. A Nib file (or xib file as they are called now) is nothing else than a saved snapshot of… Continue reading Objective-C 2, Xcode 4, LLVM, what’s next?

Apple releases Xcode 4

Today Apple released XCode 4, their latest development environment for MacOS and iOS. Having worked with XCode for a while and skimming through the list of improvements and new features in Xcode 4 it seems like this new version is another big step forward and makes development an even much nicer experience than before. I… Continue reading Apple releases Xcode 4

Will Thunderbolt be Apple’s answer to Docking?

A while ago I wrote about how much I miss a good docking solution for Mac laptops. With their presentation of the new MacBook Pro models, they might have presented the answer. The new Thunderbolt interface could be the one interface to rule them all. Just imagine Apple's Cinema Display featuring a Thunderbolt cable instead… Continue reading Will Thunderbolt be Apple’s answer to Docking?

The German Mac Keyboard is not developer friendly

I know that the vast majority of Mac users will probably not care about what I have to say today, but this is something I've hated about my Mac for a while now. Back in 2006 when I switched to a Mac, the biggest problem apart from the poor Finder GUI is the fact that… Continue reading The German Mac Keyboard is not developer friendly

Java on the Mac: no need to worry

A few days ago, Apple revealed their plan to give up providing Java Runtime versions for Mac OS X. There was quite some speculation if this means Apple plans to diss Java similarly to Flash. But obviuosly, they really just said: we're not investing anything any more, but we welcome Oracle to do that for… Continue reading Java on the Mac: no need to worry

How closed will the Mac universe be in, say, 5 years?

I love using my Mac. I like my iPhone. The new Air is really an interesting piece of hardware. Part of the reason I like my Apple products is that they run quite stable and offer a pleasant overall experience with installing/uninstalling applications. I also like the fact that I can use my Linux/Unix shell… Continue reading How closed will the Mac universe be in, say, 5 years?

Is Apple hinting at Java’s exit from Mac OS X?

Back in 2006 when I made the move to a Mac, Apple had put a lot of effort into making Java/Swing Applications feel like native on Mac OS. Adopting Java and integrating it well with MacOS was key to attract new users to the Mac. But Apple today is self-confident enough to declare mainstream technologies… Continue reading Is Apple hinting at Java’s exit from Mac OS X?