YouTube fixed my printer

Today I had a problem with my (oldish) Epson Stylus SX600FW printer. The display said "Paper Jam" and the whole box would refuse to do anything. After a few tries to remove all the paper pieces it still insisted on jammed paper. I used air spray, a pocket lamp, opened a few screws (always a… Continue reading YouTube fixed my printer

Smalltalk Meetup in Zürich, Nov. 10, 2015

If you are a Smalltalk developer or would like to get in touch with people who use it to learn more about it, and if you happen to be in or near Zürich, Switzerland, on November 10th, then feel invited to join a few of us for a meetup. We'll meet at Restaurant Steinfels around… Continue reading Smalltalk Meetup in Zürich, Nov. 10, 2015

On the importance of Analyst Reports

You wonder why analyst reports or irrelevant stuff like the TIOBE index matter? Because they give decision makers with a lack of time, interest, knowledge or intelligence a framework of well-sounding arguments in favor of whatever technologies the analysts want them to buy. In essence, analyst reports are nothing else than sales accelerators. Grey-bearded IT… Continue reading On the importance of Analyst Reports

Why do we need commercial Smalltalk implementations?

Over on the VA Smalltalk Discussion group, somebody asked what commercial Smalltalk vendors are needed for nowadays where you have the choice between so many good and innovativa platforms like Pharo, Amber, Squeak and quite a few others that are completely free and maintained by an open community. I am pretty convinced we need both:… Continue reading Why do we need commercial Smalltalk implementations?

Grease Extensions for VA Smalltalk

If you've ever tried to use open source code from Squeak or Pharo on VA Smalltalk, you had a few obstacles to take: How do I load Monticello Packages into my envy library? Many moons ago, you had to use FileIn/FileOut and some manual editing of the fileout to make it loadable. Sometimes, I just… Continue reading Grease Extensions for VA Smalltalk

Twitter Bootstrap for Seaside ported to VA Smalltalk

I just uploaded a port of Torsten Bergmann's Twitter Bootstrap code for Seaside to Our kontolino! web platform is currently being worked on design-wise. Over time we found out the hard way that keeping up with how people think a web application should look and feel, and making cool things workable across multiple mainstream… Continue reading Twitter Bootstrap for Seaside ported to VA Smalltalk

VA Smalltalk 8.6.1 – first impressions

Instantiations released VA Smalltalk 8.6.1 yesterday. We haven't ported our project code to the new version yet, but given the fact that this is "just" an update to 8.6, I don't expect to experience a lot of problems here. The Migration Guide, an often undervalued but very helpful resource, doesn't really mention a lot that… Continue reading VA Smalltalk 8.6.1 – first impressions

Camp Smalltalk on Vancouver Island (Canada)

Sometimes, you have the feeling you just live on the wrong side of the globe. If you are a Smalltalker or would like to learn more about this dynamic programing language and get in touch with a bunch of enthusiasts, you better be in North America the first weekend of October: This particular Camp has grown like Topsy from… Continue reading Camp Smalltalk on Vancouver Island (Canada)

Beautiful little tutorial on how to build a complete Seaside Application with an RDB Backend

Sven just announced the availability of a new tutorial named " — In 10 Cool Pharo Classes".I am fascinated by how short and clear this piece is. It really explains all you need to know to get started building a Seaside Application using Glorp and Postgres as a database. It is nice to read and really covers… Continue reading Beautiful little tutorial on how to build a complete Seaside Application with an RDB Backend

How to see who tried logging into your Ubuntu machine

Putting a piece of software onto a publicly reachable machine on the open (bad, dangerous, dirty and unbelievably complex) web presents you with all kinds of neat problems. One of them is that as soon as you have a public address, a certain kind of people will sure try to knock on your door, push… Continue reading How to see who tried logging into your Ubuntu machine