Glorp/DB2 – Tip: Sorting case insensitive

If you are working with Glorp and DB2 and use #orderBy: you may have found out that the results of ordering by CHAR or VARCHAR columns may end up strange. DB2 assumes that a Small letter is less than a capitalized one. "Hans" is lower than "HANK". In my case this came obvious in a… Continue reading Glorp/DB2 – Tip: Sorting case insensitive

Instantiations releases VA Smalltalk Version 8.6.3

While it is no secret that Instantiations is working on a new 64-bits VM and Image for its VA Smalltalk system, innovation in all kinds of Software packages that can be connected to VAST doesn't stop and wait for it to be done. So Instantiations just announced the immediate availability of VA Smalltalk 8.6.3, a… Continue reading Instantiations releases VA Smalltalk Version 8.6.3

Expressions you’d probably never type

... and yet they give the expected result. I just tried this one, assuming it's probably worth a try, but it will most likely not work: String with: Character cr with: Character lf. Not that this is interesting or such. I was just surprised you can use with:with: to create Strings. Go back to work,… Continue reading Expressions you’d probably never type

Zürich Smalltalk Meetup, Nov. 8, 2016?

It's been almost a year since the Zürich Smalltalk users met. What a pity. So I'd like to get the ball rolling to gather interested Smalltalkers to meet on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. If you are interested, drop me a note or mail and I'll keep everybody updated on the exact time and place. Where… Continue reading Zürich Smalltalk Meetup, Nov. 8, 2016?

Seaside: Registering a WAApplicaton too late leads to an HTTP 503 error

[Update: Thinking about this a little more, this post has a misleading title. This is very likely not to be a Seaside issue at all, but one of VA Smalltalk's WASstServerAdaptor, which, if started/registered too late (whatever too late may be), doesn't get realized by Apache. So the title of this post should rather be:… Continue reading Seaside: Registering a WAApplicaton too late leads to an HTTP 503 error

VA Smalltalk 8.6.2 is available

John O'Keefe from Instantiations sometimes makes this joke that a new release of VA Smalltalk will be out "in October" but it's not clear yet how many days this year's October will have. Well, 2015 October had exactly 61 days. Instantiations just announced the availability of VA Smalltalk on November 30th, 2015. At first sight,… Continue reading VA Smalltalk 8.6.2 is available

Why do we need commercial Smalltalk implementations?

Over on the VA Smalltalk Discussion group, somebody asked what commercial Smalltalk vendors are needed for nowadays where you have the choice between so many good and innovativa platforms like Pharo, Amber, Squeak and quite a few others that are completely free and maintained by an open community. I am pretty convinced we need both:… Continue reading Why do we need commercial Smalltalk implementations?

Grease Extensions for VA Smalltalk

If you've ever tried to use open source code from Squeak or Pharo on VA Smalltalk, you had a few obstacles to take: How do I load Monticello Packages into my envy library? Many moons ago, you had to use FileIn/FileOut and some manual editing of the fileout to make it loadable. Sometimes, I just… Continue reading Grease Extensions for VA Smalltalk

Twitter Bootstrap for Seaside ported to VA Smalltalk

I just uploaded a port of Torsten Bergmann's Twitter Bootstrap code for Seaside to Our kontolino! web platform is currently being worked on design-wise. Over time we found out the hard way that keeping up with how people think a web application should look and feel, and making cool things workable across multiple mainstream… Continue reading Twitter Bootstrap for Seaside ported to VA Smalltalk

VA Smalltalk 8.6.1 – first impressions

Instantiations released VA Smalltalk 8.6.1 yesterday. We haven't ported our project code to the new version yet, but given the fact that this is "just" an update to 8.6, I don't expect to experience a lot of problems here. The Migration Guide, an often undervalued but very helpful resource, doesn't really mention a lot that… Continue reading VA Smalltalk 8.6.1 – first impressions