Instantiations to present their plans with VA Smalltalk

Instantiations is going to present their history, present and plans with and on the basis of their VA Smalltalk platform for the future on the next online meetup of the Buenos Aires Smalltalk Meetup on May 10th, 2021.

This is going to be a free event on and here is what you can learn at this 2 hour presentation:

Instantiations has attracted some attention with its new branding, new website, and the release of VAST Platform 2021. Join members of their staff as they discuss the evolution that’s been occurring over the past 30 years and how it made reaching these milestones possible.
Instantiations will discuss the direction their technology company is headed, provide insights about how they’ll get there, and demo the technical breakthroughs that have been recently released and are upcoming.

You can register for this presentation fro free and see what Instantiations is up to: