Marten found some of our old SmalltalkInspect Podcast episodes

A few years ago, Marten Feldtmann, Sebastian Heidbrink and me did our best to do some podcasting on Smalltalk. Some of our episodes were in english, some were in German. One of our highest priority decisions back then was that we can only do it if we do it with as little effort as possible.
Interestingly, things worked out quite well. Some of our episodes were not actually complete trash ;-).

We didn’t have enough time and our jobs and personal projects led us to work on different areas, so the SmalltalkInspect podcast faded into bit nirvana. One day we realized our hosting provider had deleted our account and it seemed no one had kept any backups. But Marten just found a few somewhere in the backyard in the hedges around his telescope or beneath his soldering table, not sure, he wouldn’t tell 😉

So here are some of our old episodes for you to download and listen to what the early Marten, Sebastian and Joachim did back in their youth.

I hope there is still some interesting and entertaining material in this for somebody. Listening shortly into these, I somewhat become a little nostalgic and think “what if we just…”