Instantiations to showcase new Cross-Platform OS Process Framework online

If you’ve been following the progress of VA Smalltalk over the last few years, you may have realized that the folks at Instantiations are moving real fast. It’s only been 3 years that they introduced a completely new VM with 64 bits support, they came up with beautifully crafted APIs for SMTP, IMAP and more, added support for HiDPI displays and whatnot. It’s like watching a firework going off, one rocket after the next.

Version 9.2.2 has just left the door and the folks are already showcasing a new Framework for starting external processes and treating the results of this in a cross-platform environment.

We’ve been developing Kontolino! on Windows and deploying on Linux since 2013. This works very well, and almost every version of VAST brought some improvements for VAST on Linux (which I think is important for everybody planning to move to the Cloud or the Web). One last area that forced us to always test on Linux (and fix bugs there) was the way AbtProgramStarter showed very different behavior on Windows and Linux. This will obvously come to an end.

So if you are interested in what Instantiations is going to come up with in their upcoming Version (which will have a new versioning scheme and be named) 2021, you can register for an online webinar on Thursday, July 9th, 4:00 pm CEST, in which Seth will showcase their new Cross-Platform OS Process Framework. I hear it is going to be simply great.

To register, please follow this link.