Smalltalk / Web Camp Lake Constance test run

We just had a great weekend at Tägerwilen (Switzerland, close to Konstanz/Kreuzlingen) for a test run of a Smalltalk / Web Camp.

Sabine from Spesenfuchs, Thomas from PORaBo and myself had this idea shortly after ESUG 2019, when it became obvious that a visit to the Smalltalk / Web Camp at Yesplan in Ghent / Belgium wouldn’t work for at least Thomas and me. We thought it would be a great idea and we’d greatly profit from each other if we met, showed us our code and problems, maybe coded together on some things or at least discuss ideas for solutions. So we decided we’d want to do our own and Thomas soon suggested to meet at his company in Tägerwilen which is very good to reach for all of us.

For a first run, we’d do it in private in order to see how this works out. And it worked out very well:

We spent most of Friday and Saturday talking about all things Smalltalk and Web. A lot of discussion, show us your code and how did you do that’s. I am packed with ideas and learnings from this camp.

Thanks to the fine folks at PORaBo, we had a great location with a big screen for presentations and screen sharing, a warm place with a beautiful view of Lake Constance and, last but not least, great catering.

As every programmer knows, A day is not enough to learn from colleagues and discuss ideas and concepts as well as all things real life 😉 So we went for an exquisite and cpomfortable dinner at a lebanese restaurant in Konstanz ( on Friday night. As you can see on the photos, we all were exhausted and hungry after a full day of knowledge sharing. In the course of the evening, we could at least work on the hungry part.

We did this more or less private test run of a Smalltalk / Web Camp in order to see if it works out, if the format will help people learn and get ideas. As far as I can tell, everybody was happy with the outcome. For myself I can say I had a boost. I learned a lot about how people solved certain problems, what nice options I never found in Seaside, or what I might have done wrong with Glorp session handling in a web context. I learned about UX concepts and other peoples’ ideas how to improve my application. I saw how nicely Spesenfuchs evolves and how their beautifull UIs work. I could look behind the scenes of porabo’s complex monitor applications for nursery stations and see what kinds of problems you might get when you need to be responsive in presenting statistics on large datasets.

To put it short: I found this a great success and I hope we can establish something like this on a regular basis.

Calling all Smalltalk / Web developers in the area

So we tried this for you and I’d like to invite everybody in Southern Germany, North/East Switzerland, Eastern France, West Austria or anybody willing to travel to this area for a weekend to join us for a weekend of Smalltalk and Web development exchange.

Let’s meet some place between Zürich, Würzburg, Besançon, Innsbruck for another Camp like this. All we need is a room, a Beamer and your input. A sponsor would be great, but we can also see if we share the cost for a room and beamer and such.

Our plan would be to meet about twice a year at some place where most of us can travel to, so somewhere on Lake Constance, Freiburg, Zürich, Winterthur, Strassbourg, Freiburg, Bregenz might be good starting points…

Get in touch if you’d be interested and maybe even have an idea for a place/venue to meet at.

Final thanks for this one!

A Huge Thank You goes out to all participants (Sabine, Vreni, Manuel, Peter, Jannik, Pascal, Thomas) for their input. And a special thanks goes out to PORaBO for hosting and treating us. The exchange of ideas would not have worked out this well without the nice conference room with this big screen.

We had a good time!
And I hope we can do this again soon…