Instantiations, Inc. just announced they are sponsoring a Camp Smalltalk at Durham, North Carolina March 31st – April 2nd, 2017.

You wonder what a Camp Smalltalk is? Well, that’s easy, let me explain to you:

A few hands full of Smalltalk debvelopers, enthusiasts and also interested newbees meet for a few days at a nice location with everything you need (outlets, wifi, coffee, mainly) and do some coding together, learn from each other, get in touch and chat about interesting topics and exchange ideas. Camp Smalltalk is where many of the most famous projects in the Smalltalk world were born or at least debugged and extended.

So if you happen to have time by the end of March and would like to get in touch with Smalltalk developers from all kinds of open source and commercial projects, and if Durham/Raleigh is in your reach, consider registering for a weekend full of fun and learning. Plan for an extra day to catch up on sleep afterwards πŸ˜‰

You can find all the details about the when and where and who on the Camp Smalltalk RDU site.