inria41010session01-730x412_q85_crop-scaleEver wondered why Smalltalk developers love their environment and what all the buzz about Live Object Programming is about?

Would you like to learn Smalltalk and understand why Smalltalkers are so passionate about it?

Maybe this Free online course is the right opportunity for you to start discovering a new level of programming and widen your horizon.

Here’s an excerpt from the course description:

[Pharo] offers a unique developing experience in constant interaction with live objects. Pharo is elegant, fun to use and very powerful. It is very easy to learn and enables to understand advanced concept in a natural way. When programming in Pharo, you are immersed in a world of live objects. You have immediate feedback at any moment of your development on objects representing web applications, code itself, graphics, network…

You can read more information about the online course (mooc) and register here:

Live Object Programming in Pharo