Camp Smalltalk on Vancouver Island (Canada)

Sometimes, you have the feeling you just live on the wrong side of the globe. If you are a Smalltalker or would like to learn more about this dynamic programing language and get in touch with a bunch of enthusiasts, you better be in North America the first weekend of October:

This particular Camp has grown like Topsy from a simple attempt to get the small number of Smalltalkers on the island together for a weekend of social programming into a gathering of nearly two dozen experts from all across Canada and the US west coast. If you’re a newcomer to Smalltalk this might be a good chance to meet some experienced people that can help you.

The Camp was ignited by Tim Rowledge of Squeak fame (you can learn more about his work on Squeak on the Raspberry Pi in episode 24 of Smalltalk Inspect) and Sebastian Heidbrink, who has been a co-host on our Smalltalk Inspect podcast for years now. I hear there are a number of very interesting people coming and the list of topics and projects is a like first class menu.

To attend, visit their registration page.

I only hope somebody will take a few photos and blog about the camp, because this will sure be a lot of fun!