Teo Torriatte

I am sitting here at my home office desk struggling with a delicate implantation of some new Announcements into our web application where we have to take very special care of transaction handling between Seaside Components.

In such situations I like to pick one of my good old vinyl LPs out of the shelf and listen to some good ole stuff. Today I somehow picked Queen’s Day At The Races (1976) and right now I heard something long forgotten: Teo Torriatte. This one (well, the whole album) reminds me of the days when I was working on wires, signals and stuff on my model railway, back in the early 80’s. I could lock myself into my room and work on the model for days, as long as I had some good music on my turntable, like Queen, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Kraftwerk, Heart or Marillion.

The remainders of the model railway are now packed in a few boxes in the basement, waiting to be kissed awake again. Nowadays, it is Smalltalk code I am working on and forgetting the world around me. The little boy is just 30 years older now 😉




3 thoughts on “Teo Torriatte

  1. This is Off Topic to this post, but why do you have some posts on here w/o being able to comment on them : (
    I wanted to leave a comment on your posts about JS Arrays and DDOS

    1. Hi csstc,

      comments are disabled for older posts, because there are a few spam bots out there who specialize on adding comments to old posts. Having to delete a few hundred spam comments per day is not really fun.

      Nevertheless, I’d be interested in your comments…


  2. I don’t know what kind of transaction are you trying to deal with (GLORP?).
    But my advice is to avoid having lock-type transactions, and instead model your domain or your app with reversible actions. Dealing with transactions over HTTP is a pain, even with Seaside.

    ps: I love that song and album, btw.

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