OS X Mavericks and Safari / Firefox drive me crazy

As I wrote in my last post, the latest version of Safari and Firefox on OS X Mavericks go nuts about finger gestures. This really drives me crazy, so much that I’d like to take my iMac and throw it out of the window from time to time.

I’ve seen there is a workaround by enabling scrollbars to be visible all the time, but it doesn’t work for me.

Every time I accidentally wipe to the left or right on my Mouse, Safari moves the current page a few pixels and the complete tab freezes. Even entering a new URL into the address field doesn’t work any more.

What’s interesting is that Firefox has almost the same issue: I wipe downwards on the mouse, FF will show the vertical scrollbar but it won’t scroll.

After a while, neither Safari nor Firefox will respond to wiping into any direction. At the same time, other Applications like Thunderbird, the Finder, Terminals etc. all work like they should. ARRRRGGGGGHHH!

Today, I decided to hate my Mac. Like I did last Friday. And I am afraid I will continue to do so until there is some update that heals this stupid bug.