Smalltalk Inspect Episode 27: Gemstone/S 3.2 and the new Web edition licenses

Over on our Smalltalk Inspect Podcast, Marten just released Episode 27, which was recorded late last week. Once again I didn’t make it to be online due to a family vacation that was very welcome and enjoyable.

Dale and James from Gemtalk Systems answered Marten’s and Sebastian’s questions on the news about the soon to be released version 3.2 of Gemstone/S. This release will be available “within the next few weeks” and will be packed with lots of new features and bugfixes. The most important from my perspective are:

  • Significantly improved support of Unicode Strings (this is an area where most Smalltalk vendors are hard at work on currently)
  • Better support for large Shared Page Caches (which is relevant for the really big customers)
  • More Multithreading support for Gemstone’s housekeeping procedures like Garbage Collection, Reclaiming etc.
  • Deprecation Exceptions to make phasing out of methods easier
  • Support (and shipping) of a new version of the OpenSSL library to address the famous Heartbleed problem

But what even more people might be interested in is that James and Dale also introduce the new licensing model for what was once called GLASS and will now be called the Web Edition. There will be two licenses of Gemstone/S web edition that are free for commercial use, one of which will be available just with the download files. The second one will require you to register by email and will still be free. The even more exciting news in this area is that supported licenses of the Web edition will be starting at 1500 USD per year, including a limited number of support request per year and very generous limits on CPUs and Storage space. But you’ll have to listen for yourself to learn about the details.

So if you are interested in Gemstone/S, this episode once again will be a great stop for information on what’s going to happen in the next few months.

Special thanks goes to Marten, who, after there was some mysterious problem with the recording (his moderation didn’t get recorded), had to do extensive editing and re-recording of his questions. He’s done a great job here – you hardly realize, and the sound quality is really good.

If you are in the Smalltalk scene, you sure have heard about the passing of James Robertson just before easter. James was THE Smalltalk advocate for decades. Marten starts the episode with a short tribute to James, mentioning how much he was an inspiration and idol for us.