VBRegex 11 Version 1.4 on VASTGoodies.com

I thought I had uploaded my port of the latest VBRegex version already, but I just found out I hadn’t.

So I just uploaded a new version of the VBRegex package. My contribution to it was that I ignored the tests (because porting these is quite a lot of work) and made the Regex code run in VAST. The main work was done by Michel Bany at Cincom.

So what is new in VBRegex? It finally supports repetitions, meaning you can use expressions like {min,max} to express that a pattern should appear between min and max times in a String. This has been painfully missing from VBRegex for years and I had to give up when I tried to implement it a few years ago. So I am glad Michel did it.

Here’s Michel’s announcement of his VisualWorks version.
And here is my port to VAST on VASTGoodies.

I am using this version on VAST 8.6 but have been using it on 8.5.2 as well. It does run in several productive applications, e.g. our kontolino.de web server application. So I am quite confident that it is ready for prime time, even if I didn’t port the tests. Marten has done so for an older version and I started doing it, but found it to be way too much work for my limited time budget. So if you need the tests or would like to get your fingers dirty with porting some code, let me know and I’ll assist you in getting them loaded into VAST and continue on from there. It would be good if we had them…