VASERControl at the Light&Building Fair 2014

VaserCntlLightBuilding2014People using Smalltalk, specifically VA Smalltalk, here in Europe are very likely to have heard of Thomas Stalzer. He and his partner Helga have been in the Smalltalk business far longer than I have and their VASER framework has been in use in quite a few major Smalltalk projects here in Germany and even around.

Few people might know that they are using VA Smalltalk in a very different area these days: home automation. The product is called VASERControl and will be presented to a wider audience at the Light & Building Trade Show in Frankfurt / Main from March 30th until April 4th. So if you’re interested in home automation and/or would like to see what Smalltalk can be used for in very non-typical areas (most people think Smalltalk is either an academic language or suitable for banking systems), you should probably plan to go and see what cool things people can do with Smalltalk!