Smalltalk Inspect is back: Episode 25 on starting with Gemstone/S

Marten, Sebastian and I had a very busy year, and one of the projects that suffered was Smalltalk Inspect, our (planned as) monthly Smalltalk-related podcast. But Marten and Sebastian decided to do something about it and turn their current learning experience with Gemstone/S into something that’s useful for other Smalltalk or Gemstone beginners: Our latest episode 25 of Smalltalk inspect is called “Gemstone Monthly 12/2013” and is intended as the first in a longer series of installments on all things Gemstone/S.

Gemstone/S is a very interesting Smalltalk dialect in that it combines a distributed object database with a rock-solid Smalltalk runtime. It allows you to write Smalltalk code that is transacted and stores objects transparently. No O/R mappers or marshaling of objects to JSON or XML or anything. Gemstone/S has been in use in some of the biggest Software systems on our planet for decades now. So it is no wonder it attracts quite a few people both from the Smalltalk ecosystem as well as from outside.

As you can see on the GLASS mailing list, where the free web edition (which you can also use for commercial use for free) is discussed, there is not only a significant amount of new interest in Gemstone, but also a lot of things to to learn and discuss with other users and the Gemstone development team. This first installment tries to answer some of the most obvious and frequently asked questions for Gemstone/ beginners. Dale Henrichs and James Foster from Gemtalk Systems answer questions from Marten, Sebastian and Mariano, and Norbert (who we’ve had on Smalltalk Inspect before (only in German)) also contributes from his experience with Gemstone/S.

So this is once again an episode you shouldn’t miss!