Our Smalltalk Meetup in Zürich was great fun!

So if you were in doubt if you should come or not: you made the wrong choice 😉

We were 10 people of (only) 11 who wanted to attend. There was lots of chatting about current projects, problems and experiences with this or that framework and lots of anecdotes from our daily work and past projects. All of this was mixed with news and rumors about this or that vendor/framework/former colleague. I was so busy chatting with people that I neither had the chance to talk to everybody, nor could I believe it was already midnight when the waiters put the chairs onto the tables and turned up the lights.

We had so much fun and were so packed with energy that four of us just had another beer at a bar next door, until there was only one choice left: catch the very last train or sleep under the bridge 😉

I hope everybody caught their trains home or drove home safely. Hopefully, we’ll repeat this real soon and hopefully I will be in town and have time then. My hope would be that people will organize this meet up from time to time. It is so good talking to other Smalltalk users and learning from others that it would be a pity if this opportunity wouldn’t be taken.

One thing that’s remarkable is how much people want to understand more about the dialects they’re not using. There were lots of “how do you do X in Y” questions that were discussed. Interestingly, the most discussion was about Gemstone and VA Smalltalk. I find that remarkable because both of them are commercial dialects and you might think the buzz is all about Pharo. Luckily, we had lots of expertise in both of these dialects right at the table.

I wish we could enable more exchange like this, and I also wish I could have such a meet up here in the Stuttgart area as well. Maybe there are people here in the area that feel the same?

So, thanks to all who came and hopefully we’ll meet again soon and pick up all of the topics that we had to leave open this time 🙂