The Microsoft-Nokia deal may be a great opportunity for Finland’s startup scene

There’s been so much said about how bad an idea the acquisition of Nokia’s Mobile device business is and why it will most probably not work out well. I don’t have much to add to all this, apart from how sad the news are. Microsoft is not gaining anything from the deal to increase the Win 8 Phone market share, but they’ll destroy a complete culture and make loads of Know-How spread all over the world.

This little gem on GIGAOM, however, puts the deal into a totally different perspective and I thought this is an excellent way to look at it:

If there is one upside, then I do believe that this just might be the best thing to happen to Finland and the Finnish startup scene. A lot of the talent draining out of Nokia will look for new opportunities in their areas of expertise — radio engineering, manipulating sensors and embedded systems. If anything, this is Finland’s big opportunity to become the epicenter of the Internet of Things.

So maybe there is even good news in these bad news…