That’s how far we’ve come with Java and Eclipse

A few days ago I installed the latest version of IBM’s DataStudio, a nice tool for administering DB2 databases. It really is of great help with a lot of DB administration jobs, especially if you’re not a really exerienced DBA.

The download package is somewhat above 200 MB big, because it includes eclipse. But that’s just the installation program. If you start it, it downloads another 906MB of data before it installs anything… Don’t forget, this is not DB2 itself, just an administration client.

That’s how far we’ve come with Java and eclipse: just to make sure everythings runs, vendors install a full stack from JRE to Eclipse and stuff on your machine.

On one hand, it is good IBM makes sure I have all that’s needed, and in the right version. On the other hand, I ask myself how a user is supposed to keep all JRE’s, Eclipse installations and stuff up to date?

At least they didn’t install the f&$%&§$ing ASK toolbar that Oracle always wants me to install 😉