Google’s “Friends help friends recover their hacked site”

This collection of useful links on the Google Developers' Blog is well worth a look. It gives you an idea of what you're up to if somebody chose to use your site as a malware delivery channel: Our new Help for hacked sites series includes articles and 80+ minutes of video to help you, and to help… Continue reading Google’s “Friends help friends recover their hacked site”

GLORP and “Conflicting values in rows”

Note to self: if GLORP keeps on insisting that your UPDATEs to a certain object really can't be accepted due to "Conflicting values in rows", please start by looking into the following thing first: Maybe you just changed the :1 part of a 1:n relationship without removing the changed object from the :n part of the… Continue reading GLORP and “Conflicting values in rows”