ESUG 2013 will be held in Annecy

Stéphane Ducasse just announced on the ESUG mailing list that this year’s ESUG conference will be held in Annecy, France from September 9th to September 13th, 2013.

Regular readers of my blog as well as most Smalltalk users know that the ESUG conference is THE place to be to learn about all that’s new in Smalltalk and important ground-breaking frameworks as well as to get in touch with all the people whose names you only read on mailing lists, blog posts and the like.

People new to Smalltalk may be surprised to read that this will be the 21st ESUG conference, meaning that it has quite some tradition. I started Smalltalking in 1996 and that was when they held their fourth event (in Lausanne back then).

So if you haven’t already, mark the date in your calendars and get ready to register!

The info you read here is so fresh that even the ESUG web site is not ready yet, but here is where all the details and registration will be found soon and where you can find presentations, videos and papers of past conferences.