Want to organize the next ESUG conference in your city? Here’s some guidance from a pro..

In our latest episode 22 of Smalltalk inspect, our Smalltalk related podcast, we interviewed Johan Brichau about his experiences with organizing this year’s ESUG conference in Ghent, Belgium.

The intent of this interview was to find out what exactly it means to organize such an event, how much effort to put into it and when to start with it. And Johan pretty much answered all our questions. It seems setting up an ESUG conference, while admittedly being quite some work (and some nervousity is involved too), is not as bad as it might sound, because the ESUG board is extremely helpful and does all the hard work of setting up a schedule and stuff.

So we could hopefully lower the barrier for people interested in hosting the next (or the one after the next) ESUG conference at their place.

Talking to Johan would sure be only half an experience without talking about yesplan, a Seaside application that he, together with some colleagues, developed in VMware Gemstone/S for cultural institutions. So this episode is also interesting for you if you’d like to learn more about Seaside deployment, load balancing and what kind of platform to run a Seaside application on.

Since this article is in english, you can probably guess that the episode is also in english.