VA Smalltalk on openSuSE: much ado about nothing?

For several reasons, I had to reinstall a new openSuSE 12.2 VM on my computer. Funnily, installing and starting VA Smalltalk was no problem at all this time. I didn’t have to call xhost before starting any of the VA Smalltalk installation or start scripts.

Not all problems that VA Smalltalk has on Linux are gone, but at least all the strange ones. Most of the issues I see are related to Locales. Instantiations is well aware of these problems and working on them.

So if you want to run VA Smalltalk on a US-ASCII Linux environment, openSuSE and VA Smalltalk fit nicely together. VAST is much snappier on KDE than on Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop, and if I didn’t need German Umlauts, I would really consider developing on Linux, even if syntax coloring is missing on Linux (in the current version).

But for now, I develop on Windows and test on Linux, because that is my deployment platform for a headless Seaside Image…