The Pharo Consortium becomes real

Stéphane Ducasse just announced on the Pharo Smalltalk Users mailing list that the paperwork for joining the Pharo consortium as a business is done. The goal of the consortium is to help finance the development of Pharo by paying at least one full-time engineer and build up (well, in fact there already is a really vibrant) community around Pharo Smalltalk.

Here is the result of the work we did around the consortium for Pharo for about 2 years. We took into account all your remarks over the years
and we think that the result is good and corresponds to what the community can support.
This consortium is important for Pharo’s future and it will help us to deliver a system to help you making business.
Our goal is to be able to collect fundings to pay at least one full time engineer.

The idea is that all the consortium members will sign the same agreement.

Thanks to the enormous energy and heart blood Stéphane and his colleagues put into this whole consortium and association (a legal item that is targeted at individual members), Pharo is now a project with industrial backing and a budget of its own and some kind of steering committee behind it.

I’d love to link to the Consortium’s web site here, but the page is not finished yet. Gives me the chance to post a new article when it’s done 😉