Allocacoc PowerCube extended USB

Es geht sicher nicht nur mir so, dass ein Schreibtisch grundsätzlich zu klein ist, und sich in kürzester Zeit nicht nur Berge von Papier in allen möglichen Erhaltungs- und Aggregatzuständen, sondern vor allem auch Kabel ansammeln. Hier mal ein Tablet aufladen, da mal ein Laptop angeschlossen. Und da ja die Steckdosen unter dem Tisch liegen … Continue reading Allocacoc PowerCube extended USB

T-Mobile Travel & Surf: manchmal fühlt man sich…

...als zahlender Kunde schon ziemlich heftig auf den Arm genommen. Im Urlaub (Kroatien war es dieses Jahr) habe ich ein Travel&Surf-Paket vom Magenta-Meister, das 7 Tage langen Auslands-Surf-Spass mit UMTS und Flatrate verspricht, gebucht, obwohl es in unserer Unterkunft und im näheren Umfeld keinerlei UMTS-Empfang gab. Immerhin hat Edge sehr gut funktioniert, um zum Lesen … Continue reading T-Mobile Travel & Surf: manchmal fühlt man sich…

Dale’s “Practical GIT for Smalltalk” STIC talk is online

Dale's been working on using git as a backend for version control for Smalltalk. His primary goal here is exchange of Smalltalk code between dialects rather than replacin envy, StORE or Monticello with git. You can now watch a video or read the slides of his STIC 2012 talk to see what he's up to.

VA ST and its support for Timezones

VA Smalltalk has just been released yesterday, including support for timezones. Marten put that feature under test and immediately found a problem: DateAndTime now printString -> 2012-09-18T20:45:20.939+01:00 Pretty cool and – eh wrong for my country: Germany. The correct answer should be: 2012-09-18T20:45:20.939+02:00 So it seems support for Timezones does not necessarily mean support for … Continue reading VA ST and its support for Timezones

VA Smalltalk 8.5.2

Instantiations has just released VA Smalltalk Version 8.5.2. As the version number indicates, this is more or less a maintenanc release with a number of bug fixes and enhancements. But there are also new features in this version, the most important from my perspective are: Code Assistance now available in Inspectors: The addition of Code … Continue reading VA Smalltalk 8.5.2

Tipp: If you can’t log in to WordPress on Firefox…

At some point in time, I constantly had problems logging in to my WordPress Dashboard on one of my machines, using Firefox. When I entered my user name and password, I'd always be redirected back to the login page, with no error message or anything. This only happened on one machine, and only in Firefox. … Continue reading Tipp: If you can’t log in to WordPress on Firefox…

Glorp and #commitUnitOfWorkAndContinue

[Please note: This post has been updated on Sept. 13th, 2012. The solution that I suggested in the original version of this post completely messes following commits for objects that got read from the DB before this commit and are changed later. Consecutive commits simply ignore changes to such objects. You can visit the discussion … Continue reading Glorp and #commitUnitOfWorkAndContinue