Smalltalk Inspect 18: Smalltalking hardware

We’ve just released episode 18 of Smalltalk Inspect. It is once again an english-spoken episode and this time we interviewed Jecel Assumpcao Jr. about the SiliconSqueak Project. SiliconSqueak is a project aimed at building a mini-computer (think Raspberry Pi) that natively runs Smalltalk Bytecodes on multiple cores in parallel.

I am not a hardware guy, but this interview was very interesting and inspiring for me, and I guess it’s going to be for you as well. If you’d like to listen to it, please follow this link to the Smalltalk Inspect web site, where you can also download and listen to all the other 17 great episodes of our podcast.

Feel free to send us comments and ideas for new episodes, either here on this blog or on the Smalltalk Inspect web site. And, of course, feel free to tell all your friends and colleagues about Smalltalk Inspect 😉