Sending emails from VA Smalltalk

As many of my readers know, I am working on a  Seaside-based Web Application (I guess I’ll be writing about thir project more in the future) in VA Smalltalk. One requirement for this application is that mails get sent out to users of the application.

I use the ServerSmalltalk (SST) Framework from Instantiations (ships with VA Smalltalk) with a few tweaks and patches that I made for SMTP AUTH to send out mails (You may remember some interesting details on SMTP and Line-end-conventions and VA Smalltalk from an earlier post). So far, and after some initial problems were cleared, I like the outcome.

On the other hand, my prvious post inspired Marten to put together a little test case for his Mono integration and send emails from VA Smalltalk by calling out to C#-code on Mono.

His code example to me shows a few interesting things, apart from the fact that his Mono integration works fine (which is an interesting topic by itself):

  • I like the SMTP API in Mono/C#. It’s very clean and easy (as it is in Java or Cocoa).
  • VA Smalltalk’s SMTP support in SST can be improved. Just look at how easy it is to send a message with attachments. The SST feature has all the building blocks in place, but no nice API to put the pieces together.