Support the European Smalltalk Community – become an ESUG sponsor

Luc Fabresse just sent a call for sponsors to the ESUG mailing list:

As you know ESUG (European Smalltalk User Group) is a nonprofit organization, ran by a bunch of volunteers which aims at promoting Smalltalk ( ESUG does have multiple actions such as sponsoring Smalltalk-related publications (articles and books), encouraging developers and more specifically young students to learn Smalltalk (Student Volunteers program) and build innovative software using Smalltalk (SummerTalk, ESUG Awards, “Support your project” program, Umbrella for GSoC, …).
ESUG revenue comes only from sponsoring, donations, and registrations to the ESUG yearly event (for 20 years!).
Therefore, we invite you to support the ESUG actions by encouraging your companies and organizations to sponsor ESUG.
My company, objektfabrik has been a sponsor for several years now, and I am glad there are many others. The ESUG board and members are doing a great job of not only organizing the legendary ESUG conference, but also in promoting Smalltalk and get the ball rolling, e.g. in academic projects and cooperations as well as providing networking opportunities for Smalltalkers.
So please consider sponsoring ESUG or talking to your boss about sponsoring it. The number of sponsors has risen over the last years, so you’d be in good company and within a growing group.