GNU Smalltalk on Android

Stefan Krecher announces an initial port of GNU Smalltalk for Android:

Screenshot of GNU Smalltalk on a Samsung Galaxy S3I tested “smalltalk for android” with an android virtual device running Android 2.3.3. The Screenshot was made on my Samsung Galaxy S3.

He’s also looking for people willing to help implement bindings to SL4A, to make Android APIs accessible from Smalltalk. The code can be downloaded on github. Stefan’s post also has more details on the implementation.

I hope we’ll read and see more of that project soon… who knows, maybe there’ll soon be another complete Smalltalk IDE with Debugger, Inspector and ClassBrowser available on tablets and smartphones…?


2 thoughts on “GNU Smalltalk on Android

    1. Hi Torsten,

      duh! how could I forget about Pharo on Android. Sure it is there already, as well as on iOS. GNU ST is just another platform that gets its toes onto mobile devices… I’ll tweak my post a little.

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