Unbuntu Unity drives me nuts

I do a lot of testing with VA Smalltalk on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bits these days, because I deploy a Smalltalk/Seaside Application to a Linux Server (openSuSE) on the Internet.

So far, there is quite some stuff I really like about Ubuntu. I have been using (and still am) openSuSE for more than a decade on different servers and other machines, but I must say the Desktop environment iof Ubuntu is much nicer than KDE and more firendly to Mac Users.

One thing that I find annoying like hell, however, is the fact that Unity doesn’t (easily?) allow me to make the window borders thicker. Something is completely broken with the way window resizing work in Unity. Windows have no border, but there is an extremely small area close to the border of windows that allow resizing it. The cursor clearly indicates that you’ve found the right spot, but every time I click on this damn thing, the cursor activates the window behind the one that I want to resize. This is true for both lower corners as well as the west, east and south border of windows. Interestingly, both upper corners and the top border work fine. This, by the way, is true for all windows in Unity.

Being a Smalltalk developer, I am used to work with dozens of open windows and open more and more of them all the time.

You can probably imagine how much the inability to resize windows sucks.It feels like sitting in front of a bubble gum machine that just swallowed your pennies without giving you anything. Or like being a complete dummy.

Imagine sitting in front of a 27 inch screen with lots of tiny class browsers on it, each of them showing very little useful info, and you freaking can’t resize them. At least not in a way that more than two decades of GUI usage taught you…

I am now trying to get used to first move my windows down towards the lower part of the screen and then resize them towards the top/right, just because I can hit the resizing spot in the upper right corner. I can’t tell you how friggin’ stupid this feels!

I’ve been looking on the web and tried to find ways to change the window border of Unity (or is Compiz the Window Manager?), but couldn’t find anything useful. Maybe some reader of my blog can help?

Just a closing note: VA Smalltalk is quite stable on Ubuntu. The GUI looks a bit weird, being a Motif application, but it works quite nicely. Apart from glitches with Context menus and the fact that Copy/Paste doesn’t always work, but these are (known) VAST specific issues and are not Ubuntu’s fault.


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    1. I like Unity, and I am afraid installing Gnome will cost me a lot of time for little gain. If only I could have window borders that I can get a hold of…

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