Seaside 3.0.7 released

The Seaside development team was busy bundling all code changes together and build a new downloadable Configuration of the latest Seaside Code base. Nick just announced the official release of this new version:

We are pleased to announce the release of Seaside 3.0.7 This is a minor release of Seaside 3.0 and contains a range of
improvements and fixes from a variety of people. The changes can be view here:

3.0.7 is not an extremely exciting new feature release (which is not to be expected given the release number), but fixes quite a few bugs and cleans up a few things and now officially moves from the KOM http adapter to Zinc, a young but stable and well-maintained HTTP server component for Squeak and Pharo.


2 thoughts on “Seaside 3.0.7 released

    1. Francois,

      I don’t think you’re wrong 😉
      It’s just that I didn’t yet have any problems with File Libraries and therefor I somehow overlooked it. The fact that the new release only uses Zinc, however, sounded like it might mean a few changes for some users, so I wanted to mention it. I guess on the VAST side of the planet, this well not mean much, because Instantiations adapts Seaside to use the SST infrastructure and therefor there is another adapter between the http server and Seaside.

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