Instantiations releases Beta of a Monticello Importer for VA Smalltalk

Porting open source contributions from Squeak or Pharo was a task that always started with setting up a working Squeak or Pharo Image and getting it up and running with Monticello. Not that it was particularly hard to do so, but for people who never used Squeak or Pharo or didn’t have the rights or chance to install it on their office machine, it sure was a hurdle.

That really is (was) a hurdle for interesting and elsewhere well-respected tools to be ported to VA Smalltalk. Instantiations now releases a new Monticello importer that should make the whole process a little bit easier. Combined with Grease which comes with a growing number of adaptions for differences in different Smalltalk base class libraries, this will hopefully soon move VAST closer to the rest of the Smalltalk world.

But here’s what John O’Keefe’s comment on the goodie has to say:

This configuration map contains beta code for the Monticello Importer
feature that is planned for release in VA Smalltalk v8.5.2. It supports
directly importing Monticello Packages (.mcz files) into the VA Smalltalk

***IMPORTANT: The Monticello Importer Beta code works only on
Windows at the present time.

So hopefully we’ll soon see current ports of all the nice and spicy stuff like jQuery add-ons for Seaside, parsers, analysis tools and other stuff that the open source world has to offer for Smalltalkers.