Instantiations announces the immediate availability of VA Smalltalk 8.5.1

The STIC 2012 conference started today and I guess we’ll see announcements from all Smalltalk vendors there. Instantiations just announced the availability of Version 8.5.1 of VA Smalltalk. As the version number suggests, it is a maintenance release with a total of ca. 60 bugs fixed and a few new minor feature extensions and enhancements.

Development Tools

      • Code Assist Improvements
      • SUnit Expected Failures


      • Logging Framework Improvements
      • Preference Settings Framework Improvements

Graphics and Windowing

      • Windows Control for Date and time picking
      • Full featured Windows Progress Bar

Web Interface

Grease 1.0.6+


      • Fedora Core 16
      • Ubuntu 11
      • OpenSUSE 12.1


      • GLORP 0.3.182+

Performance and Scalability

    • SST Lightweight Marshaling Improvements

You can download a free evaluation license from Instantiations (registration required). If you are in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or in Benelux, you can also contact me at our company (objektfabrik) in order to purchase licenses or renew your support. We can also help in upgrading and migrating your existing code to new versions.
Customers with a current support contract can also download the software from the Instantiations web site.