Smalltalk projects, ideas and mentors wanted for this year’s Google Summer of Code

The European Smalltalk Users Group (ESUG) is trying to get everything together to propose projects for the 2012 Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

So if you are working on an open source project in Smalltalk or would like to get the ball rolling with one, could use a helping hand for it and/or would like to mentor such a project, please visit the ESUG GSoC 2012 page and get in touch with the organizers (Carla or Janko) to finish material for the proposal.

What’s this GSoC all about?

GSoC is a great opportunity for open source organizations to find people who’d like to help developing something of great value for the community. For participating students, there is the clear benefit of learning something new and getting in touch with the Smalltalk community and, what’s probably best, get paid for doing so. Not that you get rich, but a few thousand bucks are on the table. You can learn more about it on Google’s GSoC 2012 page.

The first step now is to prepare a list of possible projects that ESUG would be prepared to mentor. If Google choses one of the projects, the next step will be to find students and start.

Ah, and before I forget it: You don’t have to live or work in Europe  to participate, even if the organization who applies and volunteers to organize the Smalltalk projects from Europe, it is more than willing to work with mentors and students all over the world.

ESUG has participated in the GSoC in the past, but, unfortunately, last year it didn’t get chosen by Google, although there were quite some interesting projects in the pipeline. In 2010, the students came up with nice code and results, some of which were presented at the ESUG conference in Barcelona.

Here’s my personal thank you to ESUG, Carla and Janko for taking action and investing their time in setting up a Smalltalk Google Summer of Code.