Smalltalk Inspect Episode 14: Adriaan van Os on VAStGoodies and Smalltalk in the Netherlands

In our latest episode of the Smalltalk Inspect we not only practice our english but also talk to Adriaan van Os from the Netherlands. Adriaan is known for his photo coverage of all major Smalltalk events during the past years, but more importantly as one of the main contributors to the VAStGoodies server, the primary place to share open source code for VA Smalltalk.

He tells us about his work on and the use of Seaside and Smalltalk at Delta Lloyd (the company that sponsors the server infrastructure of VAStGoodies), one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. Besides that we talk about the Smalltalk community in the Netherlands and the “Back to the Future” initiative which works on making Smalltalk better known in other dynamic language communities and will be presenting at the Smalltalk devroom this coming Sunday at the FOSDEM conference in Brussels, Belgium.

You can download this and every other episode from the Smalltalk Inspect homepage. Smalltalk inspect is also available on iTunes.