Who said Apple’s updates are any better than others? Lion 10.7.3 loses Wi-Fi when it sleeps

[POST Final Update (Feb 07, 2012): The solution with the Combo update has improved the situation, but about 25% of wake-ups will still be disconnected. Before 10.7.3, I’ve never had that issue.]

[Final Update: The issue seems resolved. Repairing file permissions and rebooting once more after the combo update seems to have healed my mac. It stays connected now.]

I should have known it: never install updates before they are at least two weeks old. I’ve never had any problems with my WLAN connection on Wake-Up before I installed today’s Lion 10.7.3 update. Ironically, Apple’s support document says:

  • Resolve a Wi-Fi connection issue when waking from sleep

In my case, the update did quite the opposite: every time my iMac went to sleep and wakes up again, I have to connect to the WiFi manually.

[Update: AppleCare told my to install the combo update on top, but it didn’t help: When the iMac wakes up, the WIFI-indicator in the menu bar shows that the system is looking for networks, but it doesn’t connect, even though the network it was previously connected to is listed as available. Clicking on the network then connects nicely.]

[Update 2: At least I am not alone: https://discussions.apple.com/message/17477940#17477940. It seems for some people the combo update has helped.]

Thank you, Apple! I’ve re-learned something…

2 thoughts on “Who said Apple’s updates are any better than others? Lion 10.7.3 loses Wi-Fi when it sleeps

  1. Thanks for posting this. I am in the same boat and have tried everything I can find. I never had this problem with Lion on my iMac until 10.7.3 where it was supposed to have been fixed for those that had it. I find it ironic that it now affects those of use who didn’t have before 10.7.3. By file permissions do you mean Disk Permissions?

    1. Don,

      I first thought the combo update didn’t help either, but after one or two more reboots all was back to normal. Yes I mean disk permissions, if that is what the option is called in the disk utility in the english version…

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