Pharo Business Conference: the community is asking for feedback

The european Smalltalk community is quite active in the academia and open source fields. A good sign for this is the good attendance to the ESUG conference and the frequency of posts to the ESUG mailing list. Especially the Pharo community, which is mostly situated in Europe (France and Switzerland are hot spots there), is very active.

A somewhat weak spot is the industry world. Not too many attendants at the annual ESUG conference come as representants of their Smalltalk project, but rather as private developers and enthusiasts. This makes the conference a very friendly, warm and welcoming event, but also a bit decoupled from actual industry projects and needs. In my opinion this has mostly to do with timing, because it takes place in late August.

This really is a pity, because all relevant vendors of Smalltalk IDEs are present at the conference each year and show what’s new with their IDEs and what they are working on. So the ESUG conference is also a great opportunity to get in touch with your Smalltalk vendor!

On the other hand, we’ve organized the VA Smalltalk Forum Europe for users of VA Smalltalk in Europe and had good resonance, because we did a half or full day in a central location and were fully focussed on industry topics.

The Pharo crowd is currently trying to set up an industry conference in Lille in May/June and is asking the ESUG Mailing List for feedback on whether people from the industry would like to attend and what dates would be feasible for people to travel to Lille, France.

So if you are using Pharo Smalltalk on your project, are currently thinking about doing so or would like to get in touch with other Pharo-Smalltalkers to learn about what they do with Pharo Smalltalk or related projects, you should give Stephane some feedback on his questions:

We want to organize a Pharo Conference @ lille around business and companies in May/June 2012. Now we need you to understand what is the best to organize because we have some constraints (like not good access to rooms on saturday).

Could you reply to the following questions:

Are you planning to attend: Yes No

Would you attend two days: Yes No

Would you like to present something: Yes No

Would you prefer to have (remove the one you do not like)
– one friday and one saturday
– two days during the week would be not a problem.

Would you like to have
Handons: Yes No

Business/Experience returns: Yes No

What are the following dates that are ok for you?
Frid 11- Satur 12 May 2012: Yes No

Thur 10- Frid 11 May 2012: Yes No

Mond 14- Tuesd 15 May 2012: Yes No

Tuesd 15- Wedn 16 May 2012: Yes No

Thur 24 – Frid 25 May 2012: Yes No

Frid 25- Satur 26 May 2012: Yes No

I guess he’d also be happy to hear what topics you’d like to hear or speak about. Such an event is of course also a good starting point for networking with possible customers.

NOTE: Please don’t send feedback to me or comment on this blog, because I am not the one who asks. Please send your feedback either to the ESUG mailing list or to Stephane (stephane(dot)ducasse(at-sign) in private mail!


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