Fusion ate my caret (^) or was it the Lion?

sometimes I encounter strange phenomena. I hove no idea if that’s only me, but I suspect so, because I couldn’t find anything of help on the web (maybe because searching for “fusion ^” is not a good idea).

So what’s happened? One of my machines runs lion and for VA Smalltalk related work I have to use Win XP on that device. For that I use vmware fusion 4. On that machine, I cannot enter the caret. It just is ignored. I do run the same version of vmware fusion, win XP and VA Smalltalk on a snow leopard Mac as well and there I have no problems at all. Pressing the ^ button simply works there.

I cannot tell you how annoying it is to try program in Smalltalk with no chance to enter a caret, because it is Smalltalk’s return statement 😦 I have to use the screen keaboard application for that and sometimes feel a bit like a clown when I do so.

So my options are:

  • Hope for somebody with some insight out there to read this post and help me
  • Contact vmware and hope they help me
  • Look at alternatives to fusion (maybe virtualbox is not the worst idea here)
  • buy me a windows box to run VA ST (didn’t lenovo just show a nice touchscreen machine that looks beautiful and may be a nice base for Windows 8?)
  • hope for Instantiations to port VA ST to the Mac

I guess not all of them are equally likely to happen, nor is my sympathy for all of them equally unlimited. Maybe I’ll start with the first two, followed by the third and somewhere in the back of my head not forget about the last one 😉

5 thoughts on “Fusion ate my caret (^) or was it the Lion?

  1. Some other things to look at: Can you copy/paste an existing caret?

    Can you copy the working VM from the Snow Leopard machine to the Lion machine and see if it stops working?

    1. Hi Tom,

      thanks for your ideas. Yes, copy/paste of the caret from existing Smalltalk methods works. As well as using the screen keyboard application that’s coming with Win XP.

      The VM had been moved over from an older Snow Leopard Mac and at the same time updated to Fusion 4, so I can only guess it’s related to Lion in some way, because the migration to Fusion 4 had also been done in my 10.6 MB pro…

      So it really seems to be an issue related to Lion and somehow has to do with Keyboard processing…

      I’ll have a look at the link that I got sent in another comment from vmware. Maybe I can solve the issue shortly (when I’m back home on the weekend).

      Oh, and a happy new year!


    1. Henrik,

      thanks a lot for the link. I’ll have a look at it later this week (when I’m back home where the machine sits). I had absolutely no luck finding anything on vmware’s support pages or anywhere on the web, so I’m really grateful for your tip. How did you find it?



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