Smalltalk Inspect Episode 10: VMware GemStone Smalltalk

This is only good news for you if you understand German, because we’ve just released our 10th episode of Smalltalk Inspect, a podcast I do together with Marten Feldtmann and Sebastian Heidbrink. A few weeks ago I’d have added the word “regular” here, but it didn’t really work out this time 😉

But back to the topic: this time we interviewed Norbert Hartl, who has been using VMware GemStone/S for quite a while now in several projects. He explains some of the major differences between classical Smalltalk environments and the server based workflow in GemStone. We also discuss some interesting issues of using object databases as compared to O/R-mappers. This episode is again a bit longer than the goal we shoot for, but the whole interview was way too interesting to add an artificial break into it.

We decided to keep it up to you to hit the pause button on your MP3-Player when the thrill gets too much for you 😉

You can find the episode on our podcast homepage or on iTunes and on several other podcast feeds.