GLASS podcasts

It’s funny James just released a recording of Dale’s talk about GLASS 2.0 from this year’s ESUG just yesterday. We’ve recorded a podcast episode on Gemstone and GLASS with Norbert HartlĀ  for our Smalltalk Inspect Podcast (in German) just recently.
It is currently being edited and should be released pretty soon. So if you like what you hear from Dale and would like to learn more about Gemstone/S and GLASS from a user, be sure to check back here or on Smalltalk Inspect.

Sometimes, it’s the little things…

Since the release of VA Smalltalk 8.5, the environment has a nice syntax completion feature. It’s funny how much I miss this little friend every time I work with an older version…

When Dolphin Smalltalk camy up with Intellisense, it really was a surprise. Somebody did it for a dynamic language, and it was way better than you might expect. Then, Pharo included OCompletion which was way snappier than you’d expect. Now VA ST also tries to help as much as it can and it is astonishing how well the suggestions fit. There’s much more intelligence in the tool than just “wait, here’s all implemented methods starting with prin*”.

Whenever I sit at a machine with older VA ST versions, there is this little second in which something should happen but doesn’t. In a project where over time several schemes of naming methods mix together, it is very helpful to get suggestions on possible candidates.