Bob Nemec on Seaside for iOS devices

Over on his blog “Digging in the dirt“, Bob shares some insight into his appraoch to adapt an existing Smalltalk/Seaside based portal to teh iPad. For a customer demo, he needed to show an iPad version of the application and so he used some javascript and CSS tricks to optimize the app. You can read a lot of details (and maybe steal some code 😉 ) in his post.

I also like his summary:

The demo went well. I’m always surprised how making something pretty makes people think it’s better. In this case I just added a new facade on a web site, and it was considered a big thing, yet it was only a few days work. It’s like my buddy in marketing says: ya gotta sell the sizzle, not the steak. There’s a lesson in there somewhere for Smalltalk.

Right. People are afraid of Smalltalk for a lot of reasons, but most of them are mostly FUD instead of real facts. But as soon as the result looks good, many doubts and fears simply vanish. Using Smalltalk as a fast-path to building web appilcations that handle complex business logic can be an extreme advantage over many mainstream teachnologies. With great design and given the fact that it runs on a server where noone ever touches the application after installation, most arguments against Smalltalk are obsolote…