New Seaside Application goes live: airflowing

If you still ask yourself if Smalltalk and Seaside are ready for real world web applications, there now is one more place to look at:

This online platform for small/medium businesses in the creativy industry has been in semi-public beta (invitation only) for a while now but has just gone live for the open public.

Here’s an excerpt from Sebastian’s blog post:

Thank you to Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls and all the team that gestated Smalltalk, the only programming environment that maximizes design thinking from its very fundamentals.
Thank you Squeak community for being there and having an environment where play and real work has no clear borders.
Thank you to all Pharo fellows, specially Esteban Lorenzano for patience and support.
Thank you Stéphane Ducasse for helping Pharo to evolve.
Thank you Avi Bryant for making Seaside, a key part in the airflowing’s engine, and thank you to all Seasiders including Lukas Renggli, Phillipe Marchall, Julian Fitzell and many many other contributors that made Seaside possible one package commit at the time.